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Perfect Centerpieces that won’t break the bank.

Sisal twine  threads easily between the loose weave of garden burlap  without a needle. Cut burlap according to the size of your pot and add an additional 3 inches on the sides and 1 inch on the top. Create a simple satchel by weaving twine on the sides. Weave twine on top to make a drawstring. Fray the ends of the burlap for a finished look. You can make about 20 satchels for $13. Perfect for a centerpiece .


Fallen Garden- The art of floral rain

Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger created a magical art installation for the 50th Venice Biennial Art Exhibition a few years ago.
Could you imagine lying in the center of a gorgeous building, only to be surrounded by drapes and rows of floral inspiration?
Created with a slew of products from plastic berries, cow pads, waste paper, baobab seeds, beech, thorns and nylon blossoms to cattail, celery roots, orange peels and rubber snakes, the installation is an impressive collection of finds from all over the world.

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Past Works of Floral Art