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DIY-Patio Lights

Decorative paint containers plus candles equal a beautifully in-can-descent effect.
INSTRUCTIONS:Step 1: For a paper pattern like the one shown, first draw a 13-1/4″x4″ rectangle on a piece of legal- or tabloid-size paper; then draw three lines to divide it into four equal sections 3-5/16″ wide. Draw an “X” between the corners of each section. Lay a ruler on both diagonals of each “X”, and mark the lines every 3/8″ from the center to the corners.

Step 2: Cut the 13-1/4″x4″ pattern to size. Using transparent tape, fasten the pattern snugly on the can. Now rest the can in a shoebox with one end removed to collect the metal fragments as you drill. This also lets you hold the lantern with one hand to steady it.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you plan to craft several lanterns, make photocopies of your finished pattern. You can even scan it to save as a computer image file and print as many patterns as you need.
Step 3: Wearing safety goggles, drill the pattern into the can using a 3/8″ drill bit. (Adjust drill bit size to suit your taste.) This can be tiring and is best done half a lantern at a time.

Step 4: To paint the lanterns, prime with the spray primer, then apply a base coat in the colors shown with a small flat 2″ paintbrush. Re-coat if necessary and allow to dry overnight or at least 4–6 hours before using.

Step 5: Place a glass votive candle or tea light inside the can — and let it shine!

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