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Landscaping an Mid-Century Modern Home

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The California climate provides home owners with limitless possibilities when landscaping their mid-century modern home. While unlimited possibilities exist, there are some general guidelines and tips to keep in mind when designing a landscape or garden to compliment mid-century modern homes:
» Allow the geometry of the home to guide the overall design of the landscape & garden,
» Select water-wise plants that maintain their foliage year-round,
» Allow hardscape elements to carry from the front yard to the back (including the atrium),
» Repeat the use of certain plants throughout the landscape,
» Consider a water feature,
» Mix materials to create variety with textures (rock, grass, wood, metal, crushed stone)

Modern and mid-century modern landscapes and gardens frequently share numerous design elements. The following plants, trees, shrubs, and groundcovers (which are available in many different varieties – consult your local nursery or landscape architect) are popular options for modernist gardeners and landscapers:
Accent Plants / Perennials
Horsetail Reed Cape Rush Papyrus Kangaroo Paws Feathergrass
Sedge New Zealand Flax Cordyline Fountain Grass Blue Oat Grass
Trees & Shrubs
Heavenly Bamboo Bamboos Japanese Maples
Weeping Atlas Cedar Smoke Tree Weeping Cherry Purple Hop Bush
Irish Moss Baby’s Tears Dead Nettle Black Mondo Grass
Mexican Pebbles River Rock Pea Gravel Decomposed Granite
Black Bark Mulch Cedar Mulch Cocoa Mulch Red Mulch

Are there other plants, trees, barks, mulches or groundcover you would recommend to owners mid-century modern houses? If so, please let me know by emailing your home landscaping project suggestions or modern landscaping pictures .

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