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DIY: How To-Terrific Terrarium

I am drawn to succulents. They are, well, succulent. They evoke a sense of calmness in me, a feeling of clean, luscious, revitalization. They are not only beautiful, but also extremely easy to care for and they live well indoors.  I have successfully made many succulent terrariums that are still thriving in my home.
These terrariums make a simple, natural addition to your home décor. For those in colder climates, terrariums will keep you connected to green plant life during the bleak winter months. Here is everything you need to know to make your very own succulent terrarium.
You Will Need
A variety of succulents
Wide-mouthed glass container
Activated charcoal
Cactus soil (or a mixture of equal parts sand and potting soil)
Q-tip or a small brush
Decorative rocks
Decorative terrarium friends
1. Choose a container.
The first step is to select a glass container for your terrarium. Choose a large, wide-mouthed container without a lid to prevent moisture accumulation. You’ll find a unique variety of affordable containers in the glassware section of your local thrift store.

2. Select your succulents and plan your terrarium’s arrangement.
There are endless varieties of succulents to choose from. The plants you see here are: echeveria (the plants with the soft-looking, rounded leaves), and a pair of small cacti. Think about how you will arrange your terrarium, and consider how many plants you can fit in your container.

3. Add a thin layer of pebbles to the bottom of the container.
This provides drainage for the terrarium. Small pebbles can be found in your pet store’s lizard-care section.
4.Add a thin layer of activated charcoal.
This provides a layer of air filtration for the terrarium. You can find these in the fish-care section of most pet stores.

5. Add a layer of cactus soil.
Cactus soil drains quickly and retains little water, which is important in caring for succulents because they already store water in their leaves. The layer of cactus soil should be approximately 2 inches thick. If you want to make your own cactus soil, mix equal parts sand and potting soil.

6. Plant the succulents in the terrarium.
Dig a small hole in the soil. Remove the plants from their original pots and gently loosen their root balls. Securely place the plants in their new holes, and lightly water them. Clean up the terrarium by using a Q-tip or a small make-up brush to remove any dirt sticking to the glass or plants.

7. Add decorative rocks and terrarium friends.
Is your terrarium desert themed, housing a miniature lizard basking in the sun? Does it have a woodland theme, with a miniature mushroom peeking out of river rocks? Have fun with this step! Adding these final touches really makes your terrarium look alive. Here, I’ve chosen a variety of tan and brown rocks and a tiny wooden armadillo to create a Southwestern terrarium.

8. Care for your terrarium.
Place your terrarium in a sunny location in your home, and water it sparingly (about every two weeks). The soil should have time to become completely dry before you water the plants.

Your terrarium is complete! Watch it grow and experiment with different terrarium themes. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be inspired by Western movies, adding sand to your terrarium and a ceramic, miniature horse to its new home.

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